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This game was made because my mother-in-law have a habit of putting too many jars in the fridge. And they rot... Once, my wife asked me if I could make a game about it.

I made it!

The game itself is simple. You, as a player, need to take out the chosen jar* (it will have a hearth above it). For every saved jar, you will get 1 point. But beware! You have only five seconds to move jar out of the board.  Otherwise, it will rot and if you move it, you will lose 1 point. You can spend 5 points to heal the last rotten jar.

You may encounter some bugs ;

*I didn't have any jars in my asset library, so I decided to use potions.

Project repository is available here.



Save the Jar.dmg 36 MB
save_the_jar_win.zip 15 MB

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