A downloadable game


For me it's cleaning ocean from plastic. So I created simple game where you catch them and recycle!

Code -> https://github.com/KolegaLiterat/game-off-2020-moonshot-plastic-catcher

How to play?

1. Your goal is to recycle as many bottles as you can
2. Catch then in magnet and guide to recycler in a center of screen
3. Press SPACE to stop ship


  1. Sounds -> Little Robot Sound Factory 
  2. Ship graphic -> Lowder2 
  3. Airlock -> RevealingFortune 
  4. Glow Circle -> oglsdl 
  5. Bottles -> djzk 
  6. Code & game design -> Adrian "Literat" Jaworek 
  7. Idea supporter -> Robert "Robson" Janicki
  8. All assets are available on https://opengameart.org


build.zip 17 MB